Here is an Explanation About Why Glasses are better than Contact Lens!

Tina W. Doyle

If you’re thinking about what’s better for you, and whether you should get yourself standard glasses with frames or contact lenses, then you should know the fact before making a choice. They both have some pros and cons pulling in their favor, but the facts say that glasses are better.

Personal decision and individual needs are always a priority, but the facts are facts. Before making a choice, you need to know what they are. In this article, we’re going to present some of these facts and hopefully manage to help you to stop hesitating and get the right item to improve your vision.

If you want to know why glasses are the better choice, you should continue reading the points below. In the end, you’ll find out why you should look for frames instead of contacts.

Framed glasses provide more safety

When you place contacts in your eyes, you’re basically placing a piece of glass inside it. Although it is not easily breakable, it’s still glass inside your eyes. Driving and being in an accident means you may lose your sight completely if you wear them.

On the other hand, the frames will fall off immediately if you’re in an accident. On top of it, the frames will protect the glass and lower the chance to get injured by them. That means having standard eyeglasses provide more safety. See here about eyeglasses and contact lenses safety.

Maintenance is easier when you have frames

One of the greatest advantages of framed glasses is the convenience and chance for easy maintenance. What you’re doing with contacts is to take them off at night and place them back on in the morning. That gives you a lot of chance to damage them and get infections.

This isn’t happening with the frames. They are easily placed on your head and taken off when you want them. You don’t have to keep them in special solutions that will protect them from causing dry eyes, and they last a long more than contacts.

The second ones need often changes and replacement. The contact lenses only last a while and you need to get new ones. On the other hand, framed glasses can last for years if you take good care of them.

Chance to change your looks

Contact lenses are invisible. They are placed inside your eyes and no one can notice you have them. On the other hand, eyeglasses are there to make a change on your face. Choose some amazing frames and enjoy a new look. Just look at the Kate Spade glasses and see how wonderful frames there are for you to choose.

If you pick the right ones, and the ones that are going to make your appearance different for the good, you can create an entirely new persona. Someone that people don’t know. We all want to change the page in our lives sometimes, and this might be the chance to do it.

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